It’s Groundhog Day. Sylvan’s Dream Revisited in FM17

Guess who’s back?

Hopefully a few of you are still around from last years unemployed save hijinks, which lasted all of a season and a half before dying out faster than the whole PokemonGO thing. But it was fun while it lasted right? But if you weren’t around for last seasons shenanigans, you probably didn’t miss much, and you’re here now and that’s all that matters.

The FM17 edition of Sylvan’s adventures are going to take place on Earth-Two, where Sylvan’s time in Boom, Belgium, and later Kozarmisleny, Hungary (how on earth did I remember how to spell that 6 months later?) didn’t take place, yep we’ve got ourselves a football manager multiverse on our hands. Everything else is the same, so Sylvan begins this journey with no substantial previous coaching/playing experience.

Screenshot 2017-02-02 00.14.17.png

Much like on Earth-One, British clubs have turned their nose up at Sylvan and instead continued to hire coaches with things like ‘experience’ and ‘ability’, we’ll these football elites and their alternative facts won’t stop Sylvan from becoming the president of the United States of America  greatest manager of all time! Crestfallen, Sylvan decides to take his talents to Eastern Europe in the hope that a club out there, away from the big money and 24/7 news cycle of the English game will take a chance on him and his 100% not fabricated CV.

The Goals/Rules:

  1. The ultimate goals is to be offered a job at either a top English club or the England national team (bonus points if they approach us first).
  2. Experience as much of Europe as possible on the way to Goal #1.
  3. Leave the clubs we manage in a better position than when we joined, both on and off the pitch if possible.
  4. Never stay at the same club for more than 3 seasons (this way we can’t totally rely on having better recruitment strategies than the AI, which should make the challenge a little harder, and make sure we stick to Goal #2).
  5. The save starts with Russia/Ukraine/Romania/Bulgaria/Belarus loaded, we will manage in at least two of these countries before considering the next block of countries to the west (Serbia/Hungary/Slovakia/Poland etc), rinse and repeat getting slowly closer to good old blighty!


So away we go!

After considering the list of available jobs, a few Ukrainian clubs offer Sylvan an interview. With a quick trip to (other airline providers are available, if you happen to be an airline exec reading this, slide in my DMs and we’ll sort out sponsorship for Sylvan’s travels) Sylvan is in Ukraine and ready to get going. The three interviews go swimmingly, nobody questions the ‘fluent french’ and ‘qualified first aider’ parts of his resume and shortly afterwards Arsenal-Kyiv call and offer him the job on a one year deal. Sylvan manages to talk them up from £225 per week to £250 then signs on the dotted line to become the new boss of Arsenal-Kyiv of the second tier of Ukrainian football.

As far as blog updates go, the plan is to have a club overview post at every new team we join, learning a bit of club history, any relevant league structure info (I’ve not forgotten the sh*t show that was the Belgian third tier on FM16), our plans for the club, etc. Then I’ll do updates season by season while we’re at the lowest level, possibly making updates more frequent as we move up the levels (there really aren’t that many interesting decisions match by match when you have a squad of 18 players, no money, no youth team and 0 scouting knowledge). Hopefully weekly, every Thursday, why not? (Don’t hold me to this).

But there we’re go, Sylvan is back in business. I hope you enjoyed the return.

Feel free to follow me on twitter if you have any questions or just want to know when the updates are coming @SPaulssonFM. I’m also hanging around on the FM Slack page most of the time if that’s your FM consumption tool of choice! Thanks for getting this far, see you next time!


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