2.04 – The Winter Break of Doom

I think I have to get this out of the way right at the beginning, if you’d prefer not to listen to me moan about scheduling/injuries then skip ahead to the post-rant section of the post. Okay lets go… The scheduling in Hungarian football is pretty bad. There are 38 league games to play in a season, 15 of which we played in the first 4 months of the year. We then take a 3 month break, which is more than a month longer than the break between seasons, before returning to play the final 23 games in a 4 month spell. You might immediately notice that’s a lot more in the second half, but what is particularly worrying is that immediately following the winter break we play 11 league games in 36 games (we had so far played 15 league games in about 120 days before the break). If you’re someone looking for an argument against bringing winter breaks to the Premier League, look no further. So it’s likely not 100% a coincidence that this occurs once we get rolling again:

Screenshot 2016-07-29 12.57.29

This not only managed to take out 3 of our first team regulars, two of whom being amongst our best performers (Kiss and Toth), but also knocked us down to our 5th choice right midfielder. Also the game after I took this screenshot Granicz, our top goal scorer, also picked up an injury, so things are just looking swell and we have one remaining striker on the books. So not only is this fixture congestion likely to cause more injuries, but these players will now miss more games than they would have in a less crowded schedule.



Having to play a pseudo pre-season was pretty dumb, but we were lacking in match fitness and the teams approached us so we assumed it was the conventional approach so went with it. Teams did apparently want to come from all over the place to take on Sylvan’s team, Macva are a Serbian First League Team,  Dob and Krsko are both Slovenian PrvaLiga teams and Soimii Pancota are a Romanian Second Division team. Match fitness was pretty much our only goal for these but it was nice to see the squad handle themselves pretty well versus top tier teams from different countries. Here’s how things have gone since:


Screenshot 2016-08-13 16.12.23

It’s been two weeks since we last played this save so we don’t really know whats going on anymore but we will turn this all around! Keep the faith!



One thought on “2.04 – The Winter Break of Doom”

  1. At least you can count yourself lucky because you’re scoring. I once managed the Third Division outfit Dresden and went the last three matches of pre-season without scoring, two matches in the season, still no goals and then two 1 all draws. Board was about to hang me, fans were complaining, morale was down the drain! And we were only four games into the season…


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