1.01 – The Start of Journey

Having never having successfully ran a blog prior to this, never really having managed to successfully create a football manager dynasty prior to this, this is probably a terrible terrible idea that will go down in flames. I also have little/no experience managing clubs outside of the English Football League so this could be very interesting.

This blog is likely for those of you who just want to see the world (and myself) burn. Where we will differ from the majority of FM blogs (other than the fact most of them are far more informative and entertaining than this ever will be) is that those guys tend to waltz into a club like the rockstars they are, with tactics that have won multiple domestic and continental trophies,  and destroy everyone in their path whilst we get to bask in their reflective glory as they create a footballing empire that most of us peasants could only dream of. Over here however, any glory may be slightly less guaranteed. But off we pop on our adventure…

Lets start things off with a little biography for our own unlikely hero, Sylvan Paulsson. Paulsson, 24, is an Englishman with Finnish forefathers (perhaps they were supposed to be Icelandic, perhaps I’m an idiot who can’t click the correct boxes) who dabbles in a little French, alongside his native tongue and of course fluent Icelandic Finnish. Young Sylvan wants nothing more than to be a football manager and his lack of any formal coaching experience and very limited playing career are only minor stumbling blocks separating him from that dream. What he does have going for him is that he’s got a bit of a trendy mod look about him which can only aid him in getting his foot in the door at a few places right?

After years of being snubbed by even the smallest of minnows in his native England he’s ready to take his talents (namely that lovely coat/hairstyle combo) into mainland Europe to prove a point to the English brass that he has what it takes to make it in the football management game.

In line with this we’ve loaded up the following leagues:

Screenshot 2016-07-13 15.38.04

It’s pretty decent chunk of Europe, minus some places even desperate Sylvan doesn’t particularly fancy relocating to (sorry Turkey, Russia et al), as well as Wales/Ireland which he feels he’s already somewhat overqualified for. Hopefully the old PC can handle this bulk of leagues without exploding. We’ll likely cut some of the lower tiers out once we’ve built a bit of a reputation for ourselves to keep things moving along nicely.

Our Goals

  • The ultimate goal of this save is to complete our redemption tour and make our way back to good old Blighty and bag a few Premier League titles (maybe European? Who knows?) before giving the old two finger salute to the people who snubbed us as we ride off into the sunset.
  • Try to avoid constant uprooting of Sylvan’s imaginary partner, imaginary kids and imaginary dog once he gets to that stage of life. Nobody wants to have their kids pulled out of their nice stable private school in Oslo to have to start all over again in Budapest.
  • In line with this we’ll also be considering this if/when we are offered jobs at other clubs, is the increase in wage/opportunity worth the upheaval? Will Sylvan be able to find a new Jiu-Jitsu school in Copenhagen? Is there a supermarket with Marmite in the international section in Ljubljana? Can he pull off his trademark coat in the Libson heat?
  • Also as a thoroughly decent guy Sylvan will be looking to not boost his own career at the expense of the future of the clubs he’s running (I’m looking at you Mr. Redknapp) and hopefully leave them in a position to be more successful following his departure than it was prior to it. We’ll keep an eye on how they do as we progress and hopefully we can leave a bit of a lasting legacy behind us wherever we go.

So our adventure begins, in our next post we’ll have a look at some potential landing spots for big Sylv and hopefully be at a club ready to judge the lay of the land.


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